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Not dissing the Yaoiness.....Just needed insight

Is there any way to let you guys know that I was not trying to "wank" as you say it on yaoi itself? I did not want drama. I just wanted insight into the mind of a yaoi fangirl. I have wondered this for years and just wanted to know how you guys think. I love FMA and enjoy being a part of this community, but I don't appreciate condescending remarks to something I was inquiring about.I still am not angry about it because I did know I'd be falmed prolly. I would appreciate my post not being deleted for defending mahself. I love you all and accept all levels of fandom and always have. Please accept my apology if I sounded like I was getting onto people for liking yaoi. I love this series and if you go to my lj you will see I do not care for drama so I would not try to create it. I am new to the community and would like to continue being a member with a little more understanding from the members that have been in the group for awhile. I cannot go back and read every post having to do with the community because that would take forever. Thank you very much for all of your insight into the mind of a yaoi fangirl.

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