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[pic drabble] Nightmares

Title: Nightmares
By: hime1999
Rating: G
Summary: Ed had had nightmares.
Note: Spoilers...? Very very minor, up to ep. 34.

* * * * * * *

Ed had had nightmares. They occured quite often that he was nearly used to it.

His first nightmares were the ones that occured after his failed attempt on human transmutation. For months he saw his mother in his dreams, in the middle of the array, her body mangled, her hand trying to reach toward him.

And he kept seeing his mother even after that. And the blood. And... the Gate. Something would trigger them, now and then. Or even add to them.



Marcoh's note.


He would wake up drenched in his own sweat, breath labouring, eyes wide. Sometimes, when it rained outside, his joints would hurt worse than usual. He would endure, and then he would fall back to sleep. Escaping to the blackness in an attempt to forget, in vain as they would always come back, somehow.

Ed was nearly used to nightmares. It was all a routinity he was doomed to since the day he transmuted his mother.

But his worst nightmare was the one he would never get used to. He could never fall back to sleep after it, eyes wide in the dark, mouth voicelessly mumbling prayers he knew nobody would ever hear, would ever grant.

It was when in his dream, the Colonel came to him and told him that there was no longer any soul in Al's armor.

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* * * * * * *

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