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Edo goes to Fashion School

I'm known as Edo in our little FullMetal Crack: Otaku no Renkinjutsushi 'group' I'm also kinda short....all my friends are taller than me and most everyone at school is too. I made myself the coat too just so I could wear it everyday and I have. Only problem is, the pattern was too big and made for giants apparently....Curse you tall people!!! so....

Today when talking to a friend in the halls we got to talking about my coat and she wanted to see it....so I put it on and she is like 'Isn't that kinda big on you?' Me....I've apparently been playing Edo too long with Taisa.....I turn on her and go 'Who's so short they're SHRINKING?!' I clamp my hands over my mouth while she procceeds to pass out laughing....

So there you have it... ^_______^*

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