D.J. Shiro (alchemic_array) wrote in fm_alchemist,
D.J. Shiro

Shit! This is the third time I typed this out!!!

Okay so I was watching FMA DVDs yadda yadda yadda (I don't want to retype the entire thing again...) And my Dad comes to pick me up

Dad: Is that a robot?
Me: No, he's a suit of armor.
Dad: What's this show about anyways?
Me: Let's just say they are looking for the Philosopher's Stone.
Dad: Oh, like in Harry Potter?
Me: No, not really.
Dad: It's amazing how Japan can take American fiction and incorperate it into their cartoons.
Me: Well no, it's not from Harry Potter...
Dad: (Keeps babbling and walks out of the room)

Sometimes I think he is deaf...

Harry Potter.... ::dies a little inside::

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