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Hi, newbie here^^ // FMA official fanbook vol.1

Yoroshiku minna! I just joined this group here^^ The contagious plague of FMA and, of course, Edward Elric's braided-boy cuteness has hit yet another person full force! (That was a very random metaphor...)

I live on Deviantart and^^ My name is Sal, please just call me Sal (saves your typing out my entire alias^^;). I own an FMA fansite called Ambivalence, an Ed dedication ho^^ and I draw FMA fanart too.

My favourite pairing is Roy/Hawkeye or vice-versa. I accept Roy/Ed and Al/Winry too. But I reject incest. And somehow I always think no one is good enough for Ed (^^;).

I hope I can be useful here for providing information and pictures, as I can get a lot of FMA stuff in Hong Kong.

And a piece of news, the FMA Official Fanbook Vol.1 is out, here is a picture:
Click. It has episode guide of 1-9, seiyuu interviews, and character designs, plus a load other things. If anyone want scans I'd be happy to provide them^^
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