Improbable Design (darkazriel) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Improbable Design

Random crack

So, my school got a new book in the library on the history of aircraft. (Zeppelins! Whee!) And of course I had to read it, seeing as that's an area of fascination for me... I found out several interesting bits of FMA-related crack. And also I found the name of the Zeppelin that killed Other!Ed. Cool, hm?

1. On the planes the military is named after... The Mustang is made for long-range attacks, while the Farman had two lines, one civillian and one military. (I guess that explains why we see him in normal clothes so often!)

2. There was a line of planes called "Curtiss". Though Sieg and Izumi seem to have no relation to the military...

3. There was a section on the Zeppelin bombings of London, too, and a quote I found interesting. "Those deaths must have been the most dramatic in the world's history. They fell- a cone of blazing wreckage- watched by eight million of their enemies." This was said by a witness to the Zeppelin SL 11's destruction over London.

4. The Zeppelin SL 11 was the only one shot down in the London raids. Therefore... The Zeppelin SL 11 killed Ed!

5. I need a life. :p

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