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I combined two of my fandoms last night and tonight XD. I couldn't copy the uniforms, unfortunately, so I assigned them to suitable classes...
Spoilers ahead for... oh... EVERYTHING.

Edward Elric
Class: Alchemist
Couldn't think of any good accessories for him. RO only allows headgears, but since Ed just ties back his hair..

Alphonse Elric
Class: Crusader
Someone else actually thought of this, I had him as a knight initially, but considering the size of the armor, and knights are kinda scrawny..

Roy Mustang
Class: Wizard
Wizards are the ones that do most of the battle things with elements, and IIRC, the only ones that throw fire. Good stuff.

Riza Hawkeye
Class: Hunter
There are actually a lot of bird-related skills for hunters; owl's eye, vulture's eye, steel crow. They also have really, really good accuracy; my hunter was very badass.

Maes Hughes
Class: Assassin
Accuracy and speed with sharp things. He's also one of the few that got a headgear; miniglasses aren't cheap, either (somewhere around 3 mil last time I was on). O_o Hughes is rich? (ChibiGarm1988 actually made this one XD)

Jean Havoc
Class: Hunter
**shrugs** doesn't he use a rifle? RO doesn't have guns, arrows are the closest thing. I was able to give him a cigarette, too :D.

Zolof Kimbley
Class: Wizard
Again, chosen because of the whole fire thing. This is interesting because wizards have a really great (and LAGGING) spell called Lord of Vermillion. Lots of explody, I think Kimbley would approve.

Fuhrer Bradley
Class: GM
He certainly seems to be the puppetmaster throughout most of FMA, besides Dante. He also likes starting up random chaos, which is another thing the GMs love.

Class: Assassin
There are no really evil classes in the game; I had to go by what looked closest to Envy. Someone said to use a dancer, but that would be confusing, and I would have to change the colors to black (default dancer color is yellow). Anyway, not really pleased with this, but meh.

Class: Acolyte
Wow, both fitting and almost accurate appearance-wise. She certainly fills the role well always going on about God and trying to defuse battles. Though, I can't see Rose smacking things around with a mace..

Class: Priest
Again, fitting by personality. I have this mental image of an RO priest trying to 'splode people's brains in PVP.

Winry Rockbell
Class: Blacksmith
Blacksmiths are the artisans and weaponmakers in the game, a job that I think she'd find lots of fun, considering she likes to work with metal and mechanical things. (Thank you to anonymous for reminding me XD;;)

Trisha Elric
Class: Kafra (NPC)
Last but most certainly not least.. without Kafras, RO would not be nearly as much fun, and without Trisha, none of FMA would've happened. The background I found for her is really pretty, too. Trisha doesn't get near enough love from fans.

Sprites made using this wonderful Japanese RO Character sim. I hope you liked them! **bows**

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