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Trading Arts

I don't remember this being mentioned before, so I hope I'm not just blind.

So I have a friend named Steve. He's a bit of an action figure nerd. He knows how much I love Hagaren, so he points me to these photos from Toy Fair 2005. Among them are four "Series 2" Trading Arts (make sure to check the second page).
Currently I'm aware of four Trading Arts already available in places like Suncoast. I wondered where the other three from that first Trading Arts series were, and figured they'd be releasing them later.
Now, I'm wondering not only where those three disappeared, but also the three from the second series have gone. I figured they would eventually sell the second series of Trading Arts, but I didn't think they were sticking "Series #" on them, or I would have assumed the other three from the first set would be "Series 2".
So, if there's anyone who knows more about this.. what's up with their plans? Are they really only planning on releasing four from each set? Or are they planning on just sticking the missing three out there later this year? (I know that the figures shown at Toy Fair aren't going to be out for awhile.) Any wild theories or speculation?

(Mostly I'm just worried that they have no intention of selling the Hughes figure. I already have it, but I'm sure there are others who want it..)
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