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Rising Phoenix

RoyxEd yaoi fic fragment

This is the 2nd fic fragment I've created. Don't worry- it doesn't get to anything remotely juicy yet-- but I'll do my best to categorize it. It's EXTREMELY rough. If you're looking for a grammar queen- I'm not it ^^; I just started to make this 2 hours ago- the final product will probably be posted elsewhere though ^_~

Pairing: Roy X Ed
Rating: Ummm... NC 17?
Contents: It starts out as Edward meets up with Roy late at night at HQ. He thinks he's in for some special information for a quest, but he has no clue that Roy's onto him! And wants him back in return!

His heart fluttered insistently against his chest and sensibilities as he watched him walk into the room. His narrow, sharp black eyes burning him with the intensity of their glow, and that self-smug smirk crept into his lips. Ed quickly glanced over to the windows of the Colonel’s office, and noticed they had been previously shut. Maybe Hawkeye closed them as she left for the night… and closed the blinds too, he thought.

“National Alchemist Edward Elrich” his brash, abrupt tone interrupted Ed’s thoughts for the moment as instinctually he stiffened up his back, facing Colonel Mustang. Mustang walked closer towards him, the door echoing through the room as it crackled, protesting its closure. Ed was facing the doorway and Mustang, his rear lightly resting on the edge of the office desk.

Edward eyes slumped with his posture as his respectful tone turned cynical “Yes Colonel. What’s it this ti-!”

He suddenly found himself startled, looking him at the ceiling, the clamor of falling pens and shuffle of loose papers bouncing off the walls around him. Ed went to shift his arms onto the table, when he felt an unfamiliar weight clamping his body down onto the desk.

Everything was moving in slow motion, his mind dizzy with excitement, despite his usual predicament. The Colonel was always such a pain in the ass… calling him names, sending him of frivolous busy work… why the sudden bum rush? Thoughts buzzed in his mind, as the adrenaline coursed through his veins. Then Edward snapped out of his daydreaming to see Mustang, pinning him down with his weight. Ed flushed and flickered a wry grin and he gazed downward and noticed the man’s military jacket was missing, leaving his torso complete naked, the low ceiling light giving him an ungodly glow. Damn… he’s definitely quick when he wants to be, Ed laughed to himself.

“I know what you want, Edward…” Mustang stared deeply into Edward’s eyes. For that brief moment, Edward could feel his heart lurch and his face grow hotter. But immediately he regained control and broke the gaze, his eyes scrunching into a sarcastic expression.
“Oh, so you do? Really?” Edwards eyes looked disinterested, his face however still flushed.

“Heh. Even now when I could kill you, you’re such a wise-ass. Eh… it can’t be
helped.” Mustang sighed, closing his eyes.

Edward could feel the weight on top of him lessening and attempted to wriggle out of his reach, trying to make sure the Colonel couldn’t feel the growing hardness in his crotch as he squirmed, the friction and his imagination slowly receding as tried to regain his senses and hide it as he moved. Ed knew he had failed when he saw Al’s pale nipples had suddenly puckered, accentuating his muscular chest as he did his best to pretend he hadn’t felt a thing.

“But why would you? Tired of picking at my height or something?”

“Not tonight, Edward. Tonight, you are a great height” Mustang laughed quietly.

Edward, trying to think clearly, moved over towards the window, sliding his finger between the blinds and taking a peek. Nothing. It was quiet outside headquarters. The lights on the street corners produced the only light to be seen on the streets. All the shops were closed for the night. But it didn’t stop the thoughts in his mind… of how desperately he wanted Mustang to…

Edward gasped as he felt an unfamiliar, pleasurable sensation below. He then realized that Mustang had taken that opportunity sneak up behind him, kneel, and slither his bold, broad right hand between his legs and directly onto his crotch caressing it, scratching gently through the thick black fabric of his pants. Ed closed his eyes, deathly still, hoping it would never end.

“Edward… please.. stop fighting yourself. There’s no one here- I’ve made sure of that.”
“B-but… Colonel--”

“Roy. Please call me Roy.” Edward turned around, and kneeled in front of Roy Mustang. Their eyes locked again, this time Ed didn’t cower away from Roy’s gaze. Roy’s arm raised up, reaching behind Ed’s head, pulling gently at the hair band holding his braid. This pulled Roy closer to Ed. Edward prompted by the tugging reached behind his head, undoing the braid, allowing his honey colored locks to hand loosely behind his head. Roy then slid his right hand behind Edward’s head, his working on a futile attempt to undo Ed’s shirt. Edward pulled away briefly, long enough to reach down and pull the shirt over his head, exposing his toned athletic physique.

“What do we do now, Roy? I’ve never done this, before…” Edward’s hushed voice quivered with uncertainty and a twinge of anticipation. Roy didn’t say a word, as his eyes lapped up the sight of a half-naked Ed, his mane so beautifully untamed, his innocence and naiveté taking him back a bit.
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