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FMA DVD 1: The Curse--DVD Review

If I complain about the many things wrong with the FMA DVD to the Funimation staff, will I get any response?

Ok, I don't often buy DVDs anymore but I make it a point to fully support my favorite series and since FMA currently ranks as my top overall, I had to pick up a copy at Katsucon. The cover art is nice and I like the style of the DVD itself. Also, the booklet that comes with it is well made and interesting.

Now for my opinion on presentation. Yes, I'm a bitch about this because DVDs are expensive and I wouldn't buy them if I didn't think I was getting something impressive. One, the menu is totally flat with hardly any music to accompany it. The switches from option screens also lack any interesting type of transition. This makes the design dull. Going to the extras, one finds extremely tiny print in the profiles and galleries that are hell to navigate. I don't think the galleries were well arranged either, as far as aesthetic appeal. The production designs do try to make up for this and I have no complaints with those. The episode menus are as dull as the main menu but they are also arranged in a confusing way that can make them difficult to navigate at times. The actual picture quality of the episodes is enhanced and looks much sharper than the CN version so I'm happy with that and the chance to finaly see the entire "Indelible Sin" ending. Never knew it had that intro with the Sins.

My final problem lies with the subtitles. I'm sure this is not an uncommon issue but since I never knew so clearly the difference between a dub and sub in Funimation, I never had this issue. I made the mistake of watching Fruits Basket in entirely dub. Anyway, the dubtitles really don't work for FMA since the dub adds many lines (sometimes when there's complete silence in the Japanese) and the VAs speak faster than the Japanese seiyuu so it can get hard to tell who's speaking in the Japanese track. The subtitles move too quickly. Funimation really has to work on actually TRANSLATING the Japanese track instead of just reproducing the dub lines as if they were doing hearing-impaired text.
EDIT: This was my confusion with usually being able to switch between subtitle options even after opting for a different audio track but it might be blamed on my new DVD player so I apologize for any undue snarkiness toward Funi. Thanks for those who pointed this out. ^^;;

Minor complaints also include the inclusion of only four episodes. Fruits Basket often had five or six per disk, as opposed to FMA's four. Fruits Basket, in general, seems to have a better design to its DVDs and extras. But yeah, four episodes for a 51 episode series is not the way to go. Though Funi does do an excellent job with its trailers. And if none of these other problems can be helpled, please, for the love of God, remove that stupid DBZ trailer from the start of the DVD or at least make it able to be skipped.EDIT: This problem was apparently another bizarre flaw with my player.

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