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Travis is gonna kill me. ^.^"

To explain the crack you are about to see, here is a quick chat clip:

ryoumi monkii: HE'S TEH SMIRK
jiah otaku: That smirk is great XD
BlackRose1m: He's got that cute dorky smirk
HORK13BAJIR5: His smile is, yah, dorky. XD
ryoumi monkii: I was tempted to say HE'S TEH SMURF.
tehdark neko: Smurf...>XDDDD
Celira of Wind: ...HE IS. >>;
Rogue8935: *glomps Jiah*
HORK13BAJIR5: That's Ed. D:
jiah otaku: ...
tehdark neko: Isn't he a bit tall for that?
ryoumi monkii: noooo
ryoumi monkii: Smurfs are blue.
BlackRose1m: He ain't no Smurf! He's the Anti-Smurf! Travis STEPS on Smurfs!
tehdark neko: Travis the Smurf.

jiah otaku:
ryoumi monkii: what the? That was so unexpected.
Sil3nk4: omg <333
Rogue8935: t3h smirk...
ryoumi monkii: OMG :O
BlackRose1m: LOL, I dare someone to use that as an icon on LJ
tehdark neko: You need to make his picture BLUE@
ryoumi monkii: I WOULD <3
HORK13BAJIR5: o.o;;
Rogue8935: Funny as hell, Jiah!
Rogue8935: XDD
jiah otaku: XD
ryoumi monkii: jiah your username is just jiah right?
BlackRose1m: Let's DO it, Rogue! It's my new Icon!
ryoumi monkii: *credits you*
jiah otaku: Indeed!
jiah otaku: XD
ryoumi monkii: ^_^ AWESOME
ryoumi monkii: w00tage smurf d00d
Sil3nk4: o___o
ryoumi monkii: smurf d00d = Travis
Rogue8935: *runs off to make w00tage smurk d00d iconage*
BlackRose1m: I'm gonna use that as my icon on LJ, that okay Jiah?
Rogue8935: tis to accompany Jiah's!
ryoumi monkii: smurf d00dage
BlackRose1m: ;P
jiah otaku: Kay :D
ryoumi monkii: XD
jiah otaku: *feels loved*
BlackRose1m: Uploading it now...
HORK13BAJIR5: Smirk Smurk Smurf Smut o0;; @@;; *So CONFUZZLED.*

Yesh...and all of this...led to THIS:

X.x...Travis will kill me now...*shot*

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