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Here's a little drabble I wrote a few weeks ago and just got around to typing up. I wrote a Roy x Riza fic too, but it's 6 pages on paper and really is a giant piece of crap which none of you will ever see. So, here's a lovely MaesxRoy to tide you over.

Title: Rainy Day
Rating: PG-13
Couple: MaesxRoy
Spoilers!!: Episode 25

Roy flopped onto his greying couch, flinging his military cap to the ground in a flurry of emotion. He was angry, crushed, annoyed, and a million other things that he couldn’t pick out all at once. What a friend to leave him that way.
He lay there in his coat, staring out his window at the sunny scenery that seemd to smile back at him. How could the world seem so bright and cheerful when it was raining inside of him? He hadn’t just lost his best friend and co-worker. No, he lost more than that…

“Pteuh! It’s raining cats and dogs out there!” Hughes exclaimed, tousling his hair to shake some of the dampness out. He closed his spotty umbrella and flicked it, perturbed, into the umbrella stand that sat near the door. “This thing’s a piece of crap! I really should go out and get a new one…” Lifting his feet from his boots, he set them beside the stand and made his way to the large ashen couch sitting in the middle of the room. Lying there under a pile of blankets was his black haired friend, face pale and nose cherry red.
“Maes,” he sniffed, bringing a handkerchief to his face, “What’re you doing here?”
Hughes shook his head. “Jeez, no wonder I haven’t seen you around the past few days. You look like a herd of cows trampled you over, Roy.”
“Tell me something I don’t know,” Roy scoffed, fiddling with his sheets, “I haven’t so much as smelled a woman for ages. It’s driving me nuts,” Roy scowled best he could and waited for his friend to stop snickering at him before he continued, “How’s yours doing?”
“Gracia?I haven’t talked to her since our last date a couple weeks ago. I brought along my family photo album, d’you think that was too much?” Maes took the liberty to seat himself on the sofa arm and gave a little pout, “What if she never talks to me again? I’m no Casanova like you, Roy…”
Roy made a muffled kind of whine, and Hughes suddenly felt a warm face being buried into his back and arms being wrapped weakly about his waist. The surprise of the contact faded quickly, and he patted the hands of his sick comrade, which lay clasped together in front of him.
“Poor guy, you really are messed up, aren’t you? It’s not like you to be this cuddly.” Carefully, Hughes turned himself within the child-like embrace so that Roy’s nose rubbed gently on his chest. “Let’s see if we can fix you up a bit, hm?” he whispered, and leaned forwards for their lips to touch…

Roy snickered despite himself, resting a hand on his sofa almost fondly. If he remembered correctly, it was Maes who was caught up in a fever, the idiot. He also remembered that it was that same month that he proposed to Gracia, who, to both their surprise, accepted. The two men remained friends, but since the wedding he had sworn he’d forget about what Maes did and to cater himself only to the females.
Mustang shook his head and stood with a sigh. He slid off his coat and tossed it back onto the arm of the couch. He stared at it and clenched his jaw, feeling once again the heat the preceded tears like the quiet before the storm. Maes had been the only man he had ever had such feelings for, and Roy thought that those feelings would die with him. He felt one tear run down his face against his will.

Damnit, Fullmetal! Why…?!

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