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Hagaren tarot: The Hanged Man

Okay, okay, I know I took my time on this, but I've been weighed down with work, commissions and my own projects. No, I did not somehow come up with ten other cards and not tell anyone...the set will be done in order after this.

So...yay, it's done! I took veritable weeks on this and two more hours today to fine-tune the details. Unlike the others, this is not purely a manip...I drew and CG-ed the entire background scene, and my hands are trembling. >_<;;

There won't be any lengthy explanations this time round because I am literally sick and tired...if I feel better, I may add in an edit or two. But for now this is it. Thanks for waiting, everyone. ^_^;


(Fallen in Flame. Fake LJ-cut.)

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