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So. Game Goodness. Just beat. Continued from last post.

So. I just beat the game. ZOMG READ THE CUT

So, after whipping Camilla's scantilly-clad bum, she basically dies, revealing that she was going to use the catalyst for eternal beauty. How. Original. So, she falls backwards off a pillar and gives a scream :D Nice acting. Nice screaming.

So, Armony's dying as well. Wilhelm wisks her up in his arms, and asks Ed and Al to collect the rest of the feathers so he can save her with their energy.

After collecting the ten feathers EASIEST TASK IN THE WORLD. Ed and Al realize that they aren't giving off any energy- and, "WHOA! IT DISSAPPEARED!" Soooo, they realize very suddenly that Wilhelm isn't going to save Armony, he can't- he's going to kill himself with her.

They run back to Alchemyworks, but are intercepted by Roy, Riza and Armstrong. Aparently, they were asked to not let them past.

*enter hardest fight in the game here*

You don't have to beat it, though, which is nice. If you die and you will. Don't worry. Armstrong will kill you in two hits. :D , you instantly go to the movie anyway, which shows the alchemyworks being transmuted... It vanishes in a silent explosion.

*enter Ed!Angst here*

Al forcefully drags Ed out of massive angst by pointing out that there's a feather floating there, in the middle of the rubble. Ed runs for it, and grabs it. It turns out to be the final memories of Wilhelm and Armony before they die.

Basically, it's a really sweet moment that made me cry. Father-daughter thing, alright?

So, afterwards...

Ed Angsts more.

The Pastor approaches them, and and asks Ed if they were smiling as they died. Ed replies yes. He says they're nothing to worry about, then, and asks Ed to teach him something simple. He said he wasn't going to use it to bring her back (or something?) but just something that would make her happy.

So, as the boys leave, Roy gives them a letter from Armony and tells them to read it on the train.

It turns out to be a thank-you letter.

When they finish it, Ed criticises Armony for her choices in closings ("Small but powerful master?") and Armstrong sparkles and boo-hoos in the background. In the envelope is also a seed.

Back in the graveyard, the pastor draws a transmutation circle on a paper and places it on Selene's grave. He puts the feather on it-

And transmutes the graveyard into a GIANT field of flowers.

At the Alchemy works, Roy sets a boquet of flowers on the ground at the 'grave' of Wilhelm and Armony. Just as he does so, the ground is covered in flowers. Roy tears up.

"It's okay to cry, Colonel." Riza says.
".....LET'S GET GOING, WE'VE GOT TO GET BACK TO CENTRAL." Is basically what he barks, turning around to leave. (X3 Travis~~~!!!)

Back on the train, the seed grows in Ed's hand. They figure out that it wasn't that she couldn't do alchemy, but that it was dormant.

Ed says something along the lines of, "But, if they're gone...they're gone." And releases the flower out the window.

Flowers spread across the countryside. :D

After the Credits

Hawkeye give a comprehensive report on what actually happened. Ed and Al are left out of the picture, and all of the evil people's fates are told. :D (Genz is recovering, Nemba is prison-bound and everyone else can't be found).


Ed and Al reach Central. Ed's really excited to get to the library, and runs off the train, laughing and yelling "You're too slow!" like a little kid. (AW. Thank you Vic for being cute.) In his haste, he runs into a girl carrying flowers.

He gasps, realizing he hit someone (Al yells something like, "Brother, must you knock someone over every time we get off the train?!") and helps pick up the flowers. He holds them out for her, apologizing, and she looks up with a smile, saying "It's okay!"

She looks almost exactally like Armony. (If Armony looked like a maid with pigtails.)

He breaks down for a moment, and when asked if he's okay, he looks up and yells, "NEVER BEEN BETTER!" He jumps up, hollers, "Central, here we come!", And He, Al, and Armstrong run (and walk) off to more adventures. :D


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