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Fullmetal Alchemist and the Broken Angel Spoilers!

:D;; An amusing summary of what happens from coming back to the castle up to the final battle.

FullmetalKatu: I. HATE. Camilla.
aki_ookami: Eh? oO
FullmetalKatu: *snarl* That scantily-clad woman from FMA:BA
aki_ookami: AH! What'd she do? 0_0
FullmetalKatu: Oh, the final boss battle is a pain in the ass.
aki_ookami: Ah...e_e;
FullmetalKatu: Actually, I'd be happy to tell you the whole plot that I've discovered (after steamrolling thousands of Chimeras)
FullmetalKatu: OVER THE PHONE.
FullmetalKatu: Because it's TOO MUCH TO TYPE.
aki_ookami: Well...I have to get offline in like 20 minutes because I have to go somewhere with my dad and we need the phoneline open incase he calls.
FullmetalKatu: Oooooh.
FullmetalKatu: Well.
FullmetalKatu: I'll, uh...give you the reader's digest version.
aki_ookami: XD
FullmetalKatu: You know Armony's father?
aki_ookami: *nod*
FullmetalKatu: How he was researching the Philosopher's Catalyst?
aki_ookami: Yeah...
FullmetalKatu: Armony IS the Philosopher's catalyst.
aki_ookami: o_< Kinda figures.
FullmetalKatu: But here's the WTF?! moment:
FullmetalKatu: Selene is ARMONY.
aki_ookami: 0_0?! Whaaa?!
FullmetalKatu: Selene was the original catalyst.
aki_ookami: *nods* OK...
FullmetalKatu: When Ed and Al left that night with Izumi, Wilheim was almost done completing the prototype.
FullmetalKatu: The Prototype was the wing, of course.
FullmetalKatu: But the catalyst backfired and set it's rebound on Selene.
aki_ookami: 0_0
FullmetalKatu: So, thinking quick,
FullmetalKatu: Wilheim got the catalyst to TRANSMUTE Selene back-
FullmetalKatu: But THAT sort of backfired-
FullmetalKatu: And now we have Armony.
aki_ookami: Aaaaah...Makes some sense.
FullmetalKatu: AND THEN.
aki_ookami: And then...?
FullmetalKatu: Camilla comes...
aki_ookami: Oh great... e_e
FullmetalKatu: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand so.... we have to fight through literally thousands of Chimeras...
FullmetalKatu: (Me: ....RUN AWAY, ARU!!! *zoooom!!*)
aki_ookami: XD
FullmetalKatu: And THEN.
FullmetalKatu: We get to the top of the tower!
FullmetalKatu: (After much steamrolling fun.)
aki_ookami: Where the princess is locked away! XD
FullmetalKatu: YES!
FullmetalKatu: In a blue crystal, actually.
FullmetalKatu: AND THEN ZOMG
aki_ookami: (In the highest room of the tallest tower)
aki_ookami: OMG what?! 0_0
aki_ookami: XD
FullmetalKatu: Camilla reveals herself to EDWARD.
FullmetalKatu: (....)
FullmetalKatu: (....)
FullmetalKatu: (....XD)
FullmetalKatu: Basically "Greta" strips and shows off her boobage.
aki_ookami: (It's so right...XD)
aki_ookami: Just what we wanted...e_e
FullmetalKatu: I. HATE. THAT. OUTFIT.
FullmetalKatu: ANYHOO.
aki_ookami: XD
FullmetalKatu: So, she's like,
FullmetalKatu: "Here, play with some old friends of yours!"
aki_ookami: o_O
FullmetalKatu: She called him the Fullmetal Infant...
FullmetalKatu: AND ED
FullmetalKatu: DID
FullmetalKatu: NOT
FullmetalKatu: REACT.
FullmetalKatu: I repeat:
FullmetalKatu: DID NOT REACT.
aki_ookami: 0_0
FullmetalKatu: Anyway!
FullmetalKatu: So, guess who we get to fight?
FullmetalKatu: All at once?
aki_ookami: All the boss chimeras?
FullmetalKatu: Land, Sky and Sea Chimeras.
FullmetalKatu: Yes.
FullmetalKatu: THE PAIN.
aki_ookami: >
FullmetalKatu: Sooooo. 13 minutes and six elixers later,
aki_ookami: >.>
FullmetalKatu: Camilla attempts to rip out Armony's wing through a transmutation.
FullmetalKatu: And Wilheim (who is wounded) Ed (claims that he can't move his fingers) and Al (who says he dislocated a joint) are forced to watch.
FullmetalKatu: AND THEN ZOMG.
FullmetalKatu: Wilheim throws an Ether flower at Camilla in the middle of the transmutation.
aki_ookami: 0_0
FullmetalKatu: (Me: FLOWER POWER!)
aki_ookami: XD
FullmetalKatu: It hits her in the middle of her back, and she SCREAMS.
FullmetalKatu: (Adding to the fact that parental units downstairs PROBABLY thought I was watching porn, or something.)
aki_ookami: XD *dies*
FullmetalKatu: So, when she finally lets go of poor Armony (she was screaming too) she's...
FullmetalKatu: Well, she's really, really, REALLY messed up.
aki_ookami: *blinks* 0_0
FullmetalKatu: Bloody bloody bloody bloody and ugly.
FullmetalKatu: I quote:
aki_ookami: XD! Camilla, I'm sorry, but you had no beauty---only 'boobage'.
FullmetalKatu: So then, she transmutes all of her dead chimeras into one giant, bulbous, puss-oozing, purple, poison-spraying, tentical-armed MASS of Chimera.
aki_ookami: Eeeew... e_e
FullmetalKatu: Oh, and the thing leaks all over the ground or something, because you're running around on purple guhk.
FullmetalKatu: And, and...
FullmetalKatu: When you knock Camilla backwards into said guhk,
FullmetalKatu: she like, sinks down into it and gets away and pops up somewhere else.
aki_ookami: Oiy... @_@
FullmetalKatu: (I'm like, "Camilla. Honey. I know you're a woman. How on EARTH can you stand going into all that slime?")
FullmetalKatu: But that's as far as I got, bulbous ultimate chimera killed me.
FullmetalKatu: And THEN I watched as Camilla got OWNZED by Al.
FullmetalKatu: But hey. XD

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