Brightdreamer (Mel) (brightdreamer) wrote in fm_alchemist,
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Yet another n00b!

Yes, yes, another newbie. ^_^ Just wanted to say hi to everyone, and thanks to the people who've let me snurch icons already! I love FMA... from the very first episode I was hooked! But I'm just now starting to get involved in the fandom.

I should have some fic to post here sometime soon. elffromspace has been bugging me for Ed/Winly smut. (Actually, she's been pontificating the greatness of Ed/Winly/Al, but I'm not writing a metal-fetish threesome today, Elf!) Soooo, I may have something to go against the flow of the yaoi-ness. Not that I'm against yaoi by any means! I love it actually, I'm just not really into it for this fandom yet.

Anyway, looking forward to being an active part of this community!
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