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Apparently, there's room for one more crack...

And boy have I been making a lot of 'em.

Well, yesterday, I got home and got into the FMAdub chat and somehow we all started talking about Phantom of the Opera. Of course...I turned it into some more canon fodder XDDD

Teh SMEX equals...

fullmetalkatu: Until the Phantom came in and OVERWHELMED THEM WITH SMEX.
Me: Phantom = SMEX
Me: ^.^"
Me: Ack~~!
Me: *squint-face*
tsukisprite: LOL
Me: The word Smex made me think
jiah: That's a bad thing?
Me: Making me thing = crack
tsukisprite: haha
Me: Crack = opprotunity to ruin broadways...
tsukisprite: nooo
tsukisprite: ........
Me: smexy pedophile Phantom = smexy pedophile Roy....
Me: Christine = Edo...
Me: *squint face*
jiah: Roy phantom :o
tsukisprite: no
tsukisprite: YES

( Click to see more )

If you click the fake-LJ cut, there will be more randomness and ideas to go with the start of it all *snerk* Enjoy! *goes off a la Phantom of the Opera*

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