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And now... for something positive!

Yes, this pertains to FMA. ^_^ If you read Something Positive, you're familiar with the character Aubrey. You may already be aware that Randy (the artist) bases a good number of the characters off real people -- real-life friends of his -- but up until now, has not given their actual names out in any form.

"Aubrey" is a voice actress in Fullmetal Alchemist. Her real name is Clarine Harp.

As Randy said on the S*P site:
However, one of the cast members has been doing anime voice dubbing for a year or so now and is going to be a guest at Kamikazecon in Houston the weekend of March 25 through 27 because of it. I was given permission to "out" them.

This is your chance to meet Aubrey, or as I know her, Clarine Harp. Go by and say hi. Despite what you think (or fear) she's pretty nice. She saves up the special treatment for her good friends like me.

How cool is that?

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