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I just had to post this story my brother told me, because it's just insane and it involves alchemists. XD

My brother and his friend were outside of a grocery store drinking some Dr. Peppper and then this druggie bum walks up to my brother and starts talking to him about all sorts of weird stuff. He started to tell my brother about god and how Jesus was actually an alchemist. Not only that, but Jesus' REAL name is "Jesse" because they had translated his name wrong. He stated nothing happens when you die and he knows this because he's died before. Oh, oh, and the sign on the cross above Jesus when he died actually read "Lord Jesse" XD He went on to say that all of the miracles Jesus did were really alchemy tricks, and he wants to learn alchemy too since he knows a group of alchemists that he can learn from. LOL! But just to express how high this dude was, he also said he was there looking for hot chicks, he listed off all of the cds he owns to my brother four times, and he said "oh damn, it's too late now to go get some pot." Let's not forget about his stories of beating people up. Heh heh. My hometown is full of crack heads. I'm so glad I moved. |D
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