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Fiction: Sun, Moon, and Stars parts 1 and 2

Here are the first two chapters of my FMA fic, Sun, Moon, and Stars. Yes, there's a reason for the name, but no, I'm not really going to explain it.
There are more chapters to come, as soon as I can make them work correctly. I'm not sure how many there's going to be, total.
Oh, a note. If you think I'm writing anyone out of character, please to keep it to yourself. The first two chapters of this were written before I'd seen the entire series. Before I'd even seen up to 25 episodes. So....they *might* be slightly off. And yeah, I don't care.

Title: Sun, Moon, and Stars
Author: Tsuki Guujin
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: None in these chapters. BIG spoiler for end of the series in chapter 4.
Pairings: Roy/Ed, Roy + Ed, Al + Ed, eventual Al/Ed and Roy/Ed/Al
Warnings:Lime, yaoi, Elricest, possible lemony goodness. A few things probably fall into the shota category. Scratch that - a few things definitely fall into the shota category. X_x;

Chapter Notes for Part 1: This all revolves around Ed losing at poker and being pissed off about it. Nothing really major. It's funny, but not terribly interesting. Heh. Sorry for that. ^^;
Chapter 1 pairing is Roy+Ed.

Chapter Notes for Part 2: Al and Ed are seriously young in this chapter. I'm a bad person, yes, I admit to that.
But based on my own real-life experiences, it's not all THAT weird to me, so if this chapter is weird to you, I'm totally sorry. You're less desensitized than I am.
Chapter 2 pairing is Ed+Al.

Part 1: The Poker Game
Part 2: First Kiss

I'd like to get *some* sort of feedback on this, even if it's just a little.
I realize that not a lot of people write like this. Hell, I don't generally even write like this! XD
But yeah.
And be nice. I do pictures for nice people. ^^


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