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Ask and ye shall receive =D
Here’s the translation to tsuki no uragawa, Roy’s title songfile song.
I hope to finish ‘shounen yo, shinjiru nakama yo’ sometime soon, and hopefully that’ll be posted up eventually too. Also, if anyone could throw the lyrics sheet to ‘ame no hi wa no thank you’ at me I’d be much appreciative.

Tsuki no uragawa

mada yume wo miteru
genshoku no yume wo
walkin' on far side of the moon
tadori tsuku mukou made

nigai yoin nara, nomihoseba ii
subete ga hoshii to kimeta nara wake up

*mitasarenai tsuki no uragawa
yokubou wo esa ni sasou find you
ima wa mada hakushi no hyoujyou
suki ni kaite yaru
jibun demo, yurusenai
kagami no kao

nemuraseta hazu no, zetsubou ga haneru
dancin' in the dark of the moon
tsuite kuru saigo made

kanashimi no kyoku ga sasatteru yubi
machigai wo nido to wasurenai wake up

terasarenai tsuki no uragawa
kokoro no kurayami, niteru find you
tatakai wo tadashiku tsukaeba
yume wa migakaeru jibun ni mo
dareka ni mo tamesareteru


the other side of the moon

still dreaming
a primary-colored dream
walkin' on the far side of the moon
struggling on until I get there

if the lingering memory is bitter,
it's better to drink it all
Even though I decided "I want it all"
wake up

*the other side of the moon, unable to be fulfilled
desires the inviting bait
find you
now draw what you like on the blank-paper expression
but myself, I won't forgive
the face in the mirror

Though I put it to rest, the despair springs up
dancin' in the dark of the moon
it follows me until the end

the fingers pricked by thorns of sadness
won't forget the mistakes a second time
wake up

the other side of the moon, unable to shine
resembles the darkness of the heart
find you
if I can use the battles righteously
the dream can be refined and neither myself
nor anyone will be able to test me


1. throughout the whole song, no personal pronouns are used
I assume this song is based around Roy's struggle to the top
as well as his bitterness regarding losing his best friend
so I translated it like he is referring to himself (unless
obviously refering to 'you')

2. hyoujyou means 'military person' as well as 'expression',
I think it's a cute if kind of sad pun.

I realize the translation may be slightly wrong in some parts – I’m good at Japanese but there are a LOT of grammatical nuances that can be completely mistranslated or missed entirely. Hopefully I did a good job though. ^^ I think these lyrics are absolutely beautiful and I can only pray I did them justice. XP

Posted for the great Silenka by Wiremess.

All hail Sil's l337 translating skillz!

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