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[Promo] Project Greenlight Fanfiction

Hi all!

A few weeks ago, I posted up a message relating my need for those excellent but barely recognized stories that have remained lurking in the shadows for too long.

Well, I'm glad to announce that after several weeks of hard work by the mods and webdesigners in the project_fiction community, we now have a few great stories that are definitely worth checking out.

We hope to expand and showcase more of these kinds of fiction but until then, if you are in need of something different but good to read, then please stop by and show your support by reviewing or letting them know how much you appreciated their works.

You can also participate by finding these stories and bringing them to the attention of the mods already selected for that particular fandom of interest. If you wish to become a 'mod' for a fandom not already selected, please let us know by joining the community.

Thank you! ^^

Project Greenlight Fanfiction

X-posted wherever fiction is written/posted/read.

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