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Ever wonder why a West HQ is never mentioned in FMA?

[15:55] flamealchemist04: XD i'm not too worried...i'm not diagnosed with it, but i think i've got A.D.D. plus i'm procrastinating *needs to do paperwork (homework ><)*
[15:56] kittyart16: heh..
[15:56] kittyart16: I should be studying, but here I am. I'm lazy, I'm A.D.D., and I'm a procrastinator.
[15:56] kittyart16: Jeebus, no wonder we never got mentioned in the series
[15:56] flamealchemist04: XDDD
[15:57] kittyart16: our whole admin is lazy
[15:57] kittyart16: XDD
[15:57] flamealchemist04: seems so

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