Zrana (zrana) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Chapter 44: cleaned color page!

I finally finished it! It took FOREVER! The rock was the hardest part--I gave up trying to make it look remotely as neat and clean as the rest, and just whipped out the airbrush and paintbrush tools and attacked it that way and did a 'good enough' after awhile. Unlike most the rest which is PAINFUL clone stamp tooling, and a little bit of smudge and blur tools.

Anyways, I'm done babbling. <3

Image hosted by ImageHost.org

I worked hard on cleaning it, so if you pass it on, be sure to make a ritual sacrifice of dark chocolate (men's) pocky in my name before doing so! =D

And thanks sv for taking it to imagehost for me. Evil photobucket file size limits...

*checks PB* .. okay, looks like it could have handled the file after all--but not with a nifty thumbnail! >< *shoots self anyways*

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