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FMA Novel 2: 囚われの錬金術師 (The Captured Alchemist)

Just because I feel like to. XD;;;

Hagane no Renkinjutsushi novel (2)
Title: Toraware no Renkinjutsushi
Author: Inoue Makoto
Original story by: Arakawa Hiromu

My summary: Roy's child got kidnapped by a group of terrorist.
Arakawa-sensei's summary:
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Havoc: "Just spill it, man. You'll feel better."
Roy: "Please spare me, Detective."
Hawkeye: "You do have illegitimate child, don't you?"


Ed and Al saw Roy and Havoc in the train. Roy pretended not to see them while telling them to go away with hand signs because he was busy flirting with several women. Needless to say, Ed was annoyed. (pp.18-19)



"Hold this for me, will ya." Edward pushed his suitcase toward Alphonse.

"Okay... but why?"

"I'm going to greet him. It's not interesting to let it pass just like this."

"Eh? But it's inappropriate to disturb them now, don't you think? Ah, wait, Brother...!"

Ignoring Alphonse's attempt to stop him, Edward grinned deviously and took a deep breath. Then, instead of making bad faces, he made an deliberately wide smile and went.


Edward cheerfully ran toward Roy, waving his hand and calling loudly.


Ed, Al, and Roy were walking down East City. Ed asked where Roy was going. He noticed that Roy kept surpressing yawns and knew that he had been working overtime because of the continuos terrorist and kidnapping incidents. Roy explained that he was going to see a kidnapping victim's family. He couldn't send his men because the case was not actually in his jurisdiction and they were too busy, so he had to use his breaktime. Ed was surprised to because it was the first time he ever saw Roy working seriously. (pp.44-45)

"You work quite seriously, Colonel. Quite different than the gossips I heard."

Roy raised an eyebrow at that, looking a little disappointed. "...I believe you're talking about the crap saying that I like to skip work, or prioritize my dates over work, or something like that."


But before Edward could say that he would change his mind about it, Roy continued, "Don't believe everything you hear. I do work seriously once in a while."


Those hardly flattering words had confirmed the truth behind the gossips in East HQ, even if it hadn't been Edward's intention at the first place. Of course, with that he changed his mind and not continue his words.

"What's with the silence?"


Roy peered at Edward, his face looking as if wondering what was wrong with his statement. Avoiding his questioning look, Edward nonchalantly looked away, trying to come out with a new topic.


Ed and Roy tried to prevent a bomb to explode in the East City Station. Roy, being a Colonel, was supposed to avoid getting involved directly in dangerous situations, but he went on anyway. (pp.62-63)

"How about you, Colonel? You sure you're gonna be fine?"

Being asked back, Roy curled up the end of his lips and smiled.

"It's fine. ...If they don't find out."

"If they do?"

"Maybe they'll call me to Central again."

"And maybe we'll meet in a train incidentally again?"

"At that time, don't approach me, will you?"

"At the very least, I'll be cute and call you 'Papaaa'."

At that Roy and Edward simultaneously turned at each other.

"Okay, let's go."



A letter came to East HQ, claiming that the sender had kidnapped the child of the East HQ Commander. Since there were only two commanders in East HQ, Roy and the Major General whose children were married already and grandchildren were confirmed to be save at home, naturally everybody assumed that it was Roy's child. (pp.136-139)

"I believe in the Colonel. I believe... but...."

"Looking at his behavior, there's enough evidence to suspect."

"Illegitimate child...?"

"Whoa. And probably not just one."

"I wonder how old is the child."

Annoyed at the boldness of his subordinates, Roy scoffed, "That's absurd!"

However, the others refused to give up an interesting material.

"Is there really no child, Sir?" Breda asked.


"Absolutely, none?" Fuery questioned.

"There. Is. None!"

"Not even a 'maybe...' or anything you can think of?" Falman inquired.

"Of... course not!"

"Colonel." Havoc patted Roy's shoulder.


"Let's live as an honest man."

"......!" Roy was speechless. He raised his hand, thinking to bash Havoc around the head, but the hand stopped on the air.

And at that point, Hawkeye entered the room and interogated Roy herself.

"I have no child," Roy seriously answered.




After the uncomfortable silence, Hawkeye opened her mouth again. "When Warrant Officer Falman asked if you could think of any possibility, you seemed to slightly hesitate in answering, did you not?"

"...I did not hesitate," Roy desperately tried to defend his innocence.


Being stared down seriously by a chiseled beauty, Roy started to waver. He was afraid that he would finally crack under Hawkeye's stare and admit something he didn't do, like saying that he probably did have a child.

Somebody do something! In the back of his mind, Roy cried for help.


This novel is love. 'Nuff said.

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