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The crack flows thick and heavy tonight...

It's somewhat self-explanatory if you read it... edited to remove off-topic stuff **ganks Sporks idea** Though, I probably did a lousy job.. oh well. Enjoy!

Kawaii Dragoness: we need to inject some crack.
Kawaii Dragoness: *ponders* but how?
Starling0000: Um.
flamealchemist04: how about random combustion?
Starling0000: Casting FMA characters into the Roles of the Princess Bride?
Starling0000: AL CAN BE FEZZIK!
flamealchemist04: XDDD
Starling0000: Who could possibly be Inigo, though?
Starling0000: Oh, Winry is SO buttercup.
flamealchemist04: Roy can be prince humperdink
flamealchemist04: XDD
Starling0000: Pinako can be Miricle Max's wife!!
MiguelDeSanchez: lol
flamealchemist04: lol
ShrimpEdo: okay maybe thats too much crack for me >.>
Starling0000: XD!
flamealchemist04: XD
Starling0000: You know you love us :D
flamealchemist04: is Ed gonna be wesley?
Starling0000: YES.
flamealchemist04: XD
Starling0000: Ed has to be Wesley.
Starling0000: But...Inigo....
Kitty Girl Met: Inigo.. hm...
Starling0000: WAIT.
ShrimpEdo: "as you wish"
flamealchemist04: miracle max can be marco
Starling0000: ....XDXDXDXD
flamealchemist04: XD
Starling0000: Fuhrer = Humperumperumperdink
Starling0000: Roy = Inigo
Starling0000: ?
flamealchemist04: XDDDDD
Kitty Girl Met: Roy's smexy enough... and has kind of a grudge..
Kitty Girl Met: XDDDDD
flamealchemist04: yes
Starling0000: And Random Chimeras can serve as the "Rodents of Unsual Size"
flamealchemist04: lol!
Starling0000: *unusual, even
ShrimpEdo: -pictureing ed in pirate get up...dies- death 500 w00t go me
Starling0000: Oh!
flamealchemist04: Hughes can be that kidnapper guy *shot*
Starling0000: The clergyman person- XD
ShrimpEdo: Met 500th death party! -throws cookies-
Starling0000: YES
Kitty Girl Met: holy shit
Kitty Girl Met: Ed looking like Zorro
Kitty Girl Met: WIN
flamealchemist04: X3
Starling0000: MORE YES
flamealchemist04: clergy man can be armstrong XDD
Kitty Girl Met: what was the name of the character that Andre the Giant played? I forget
ShrimpEdo: no more cosplay bunnys!
Starling0000: Fezzik!!
flamealchemist04: Fezzik
Kitty Girl Met: oh yeah
Kitty Girl Met: I vote Armstrong for Fezzik
Starling0000: But Aru!!
Kitty Girl Met: ..ah, true
flamealchemist04: al was dubbed fezzik
flamealchemist04: *shot for being damn slow*
Starling0000: I vote Armstrong for Clergyman!
Starling0000: But could he do that voice?
flamealchemist04: i'm sure he could if he tried
Starling0000: "For wuv, and mawwage, mawwage and wuv..."
flamealchemist04: XDDD
Starling0000: "Mah ah wafe."
flamealchemist04: XDDD
Kitty Girl Met: what about the old man and old lady? **forgets their names too**
Kitty Girl Met: shit, I should watch this movie again
ShrimpEdo: thats as bad as us saying that Scar in the dub needs a lisp
Starling0000: Miricle Max and whatever.
Starling0000: XD
Kitty Girl Met: yeah
Starling0000: XD
flamealchemist04: XD
Starling0000: Let's cast SCAR as the crazy Kidnapper man instead!
Kitty Girl Met: Dante could be the old lady...
Starling0000: Um.
flamealchemist04: yeah!
Starling0000: Um.
Starling0000: What about Pinako? *point*
Kitty Girl Met: oh yeah
Kawaii Dragoness: XD!
Starling0000: XD
Kitty Girl Met: XDDD
flamealchemist04: XD
ShrimpEdo: who's hoho?
Kitty Girl Met: the guy reading the story
Starling0000: YES
ShrimpEdo: ah make cents
ShrimpEdo: okay that's it the crack killed my brain
Starling0000: *goes back to find it*
Kitty Girl Met: "I am Roy Mustang. You killed my best friend. Prepare to die **snap**"
flamealchemist04: i forgot!
flamealchemist04: XDD
Kawaii Dragoness: Hee
Kitty Girl Met: **owner of a cargo-class ticket to Hellcon**
Kawaii Dragoness: *joins you*
ShrimpEdo: Hellcon....can I be like the offical artist?
Kitty Girl Met: yes
Starling0000: XD!
Kitty Girl Met: if you draw Ed as zorro!Wesley
Kitty Girl Met: I will love you forever
Starling0000: DO EET
ShrimpEdo: yay.
ShrimpEdo: I've done worse...
flamealchemist04: Vizzini is the kidnapper
Starling0000: VIZZINI
Starling0000: THAT'S HIS NAME
flamealchemist04: *has the full cast list up*
Kitty Girl Met: we need to cast the Military circus too..
ShrimpEdo: Fury!
Starling0000: XD
Kitty Girl Met: weren't there a number of pirates that kidnapped Buttercup?
Kawaii Dragoness: *hugs on Fury*
Kawaii Dragoness: eeee, Fury, so cute
Kitty Girl Met: or am I confused?
Starling0000: Vizzini, Fezzik and Inigo :D
Starling0000: That was it.
Kitty Girl Met: aw
Kawaii Dragoness: *fangirls fangirls*
Kitty Girl Met: nuts
Kitty Girl Met: ..Fury as Vizzini? what the Hell?
Starling0000: XD!!!
Kitty Girl Met: I can't even conjure that up in my head
Starling0000: Um.
Starling0000: GRAN!
Kitty Girl Met: XD
Starling0000: GRAN FOR VIZZINI
Kitty Girl Met: yeah
SporksRock129: XD
Kitty Girl Met: we hate him anyway
Starling0000: Yes!
Kitty Girl Met: he's the only one that dies so w00t
SporksRock129: I want whatever you guys are on o.o;;
Starling0000: XD!!
Kawaii Dragoness: It's called Fandom.
Kawaii Dragoness: we ARE the crack.
Starling0000: Yes indeedydoo
Kitty Girl Met: Val
SporksRock129: XD
Kitty Girl Met: just in time
kuno no bokken: huh?
Kitty Girl Met: do you think Gran makes a good Vizzini?
flamealchemist04: Westly - Ed Inigo - Roy Prince Humpy - Fuhrer Vizzini - Scar Fezzik - Al Buttercup - Winry Impressive Clergyman - Armstrong is what i'm gathering...o.O
flamealchemist04: *shot for listing all those*
Kitty Girl Met: so then the circus would make up the random guards?
kuno no bokken: are we talking about an FMA circus?
Kitty Girl Met: no
Kitty Girl Met: we're talking about FMA crossed with Princess Bride
kuno no bokken: ......................................
kuno no bokken: *DED*
Kitty Girl Met: LMAO
kuno no bokken: YOU MAKE MY SOUL CRY.
SporksRock129: XD
Kawaii Dragoness: Hee!
flamealchemist04: X3
SporksRock129: YEY
ShrimpEdo: -falls down a hill- asssss youuu wishhhhh
Kitty Girl Met: wait, Vizzini as Scar? I thought we'd decided on Gran because we all hate him
flamealchemist04: i don't know who gran is ><
Starling0000: The Iron Blood Alchemist!
kuno no bokken: his head splodid
flamealchemist04: plus it kept changing when i was writing it
Kitty Girl Met: Basque Gran, the Brigadier General who gets bumped off by Scar?
Kitty Girl Met: the asshole who kept trying to hide Marco and Tucker from Ed
flamealchemist04: that's right ><
Starling0000: Bumped off is such a polite term.
kuno no bokken: he had a mustache that had a mind of its own.
Kitty Girl Met: XD
kuno no bokken: they could be like sunglasses
Starling0000: I think we have the whole cast.
flamealchemist04: i suppose so
Kawaii Dragoness: He!
flamealchemist04: but what about the grandpa and grandson?
Starling0000: Um.
Starling0000: Grandson = Envy?
flamealchemist04: XD
Starling0000: NO WRATH
Kitty Girl Met: yeah, that'd work
Starling0000: And uh....Hoho is the Grandpa right?
Kitty Girl Met: omg... chibi!Envy XDDDDD
Kitty Girl Met: yeah
flamealchemist04: i haven't seen wrath!! *Fuhrer of DUB community!!* i haven't seen the whold series
flamealchemist04: *shot*
Kitty Girl Met: **wants a chibi!Envy plushie now*

kuno no bokken: EWW
Starling0000: Okay, sorry, had that thought in the Shower. XD
kuno no bokken: ZS
kuno no bokken: *XD
Kawaii Dragoness: Hee!
Starling0000: I mean, Bradely's Humperumperumperdink!
flamealchemist04: dang...we really need to figure out the cast XD

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