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Oh, boy! Yesterday was "Valentine's Day" and i had posted something, but my adsl was crashed - indeed i guees it sill crashed... ¬¬ - anyway, i post today nooo problem, nee! Remember, im my country the "valentine's day" isn't at 14/02... but it's okay, hahahah XD

Do you like RoyAi? =3

Hawkeye & Mustang

Those are "Commitment rings"... i don't if exist it in another countries...(Yes, i live at Brasil) so, i'll try explain a little! =D In my country when you have a relationship with another person, i mean girlfriend and boyfriend relationship, right? As usual use a silver ring with the girlfriend/boyfriend's name, if you a girlfriend in your ring has the boyfriend's name and the boyfriend the same way. But, it is not ENGAGEMENT! The silver ring is used in the righthand (the marriage's ring in the lefthand)! As i said, they are "Commitment rings", okay? =D

So, WTH is about FMA? Simple! If you looked, picture's ring... =X... Hawkeye (that's mine! =D) and Mustang (that's my girlfriend), 'cause FMA is the "guilt" that we're together! ^__^ She and i are cosplayers, and we made Hawkeye's cosplay and Roy's cosplay! ^^

That's it, folks! ^__^

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