vicemage (vicemage) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Crack theory...

It's a little odd, it might not fully make sense, and it spoils the end of the series. ^_^

So... I was doing some thinking on and off over time, and recently came up with this one, because of a post on [as] regarding FMA and the Divine Comedy. Now, I know there's some good connections there, though I really need to reread the Comedy to get them, but that's not where I'm going with this. This whole thing came to me because of my kitty. ^_^

See, my kitty has a very unusual name; Dante Alighieri (usually just plain Dante of course). When I first saw the preview for "Dante of the Deep Forest," I kind of had a WTF moment, because of the names.

Now, later on when we meet Hohenheim, we learn that he's over 400 years old (if he's Amestris's version of Paracelsus, it would put him around 423 at the end of the series). Dante is also at least this old... we also never learn Dante's last name... and if Dante is Amestris's version of Dante Alighieri, it would put her around 651, 228 years older than Hohenheim... it's something I've been playing with. We know Dante is deceitful and manipulative. Could she have convinced someone in the past to help her make a Philosopher's stone, meaning that the Dante that Hohenheim loved was not the original either? Was she always even a she, or was she a he in the past? (And for that matter, are the doubles on the other side of the gate always the same gender or can they be different?) Dante's in a much greater state of decay than Hohenheim is; can that really be attributed to just changing bodies, or is it the extra age?

Anyway, it's just a crack theory, but one I wanted to throw out here to see what other people might make of it. Take, play, molest, enjoy. ^_^

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