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It's fun for all ages!

Now, maybe one or two of you guys know, but after school, I teach one hour classes to kids. Mondays and Fridays, I teach art to first and second graders. I always try to have music to entertain them (and also to keep them inline. It keeps them kind of quiet >.> <.<) Where I work, since it's run by the city, has strict guidelines as to what kind of music/dresscode/movies we can allow. Which means the kids can't listen to what they would normally listen to. (rap basically). I usually have a good bit with me, but yesterday, well, my cd case slipped my mind. All I have is my FullMetal cd in my car (with all the openings/closings/etc). So I say "What the heck," and pop it in. A few minutes later, I hear this:

"Miss Allison?"
"Isn't that Full Metal Alchemist?"
I blinked at her. She's like..7. "Yeah....."
A conversation soon began with five or six of us and how we love FMA. So there you have it. Full Metal is enjoyed by even 7 and 8 year olds. And that scares me.

Just thought I'd bring that little nugget.

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