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public Roy free users layout

I made this layout for a friend a while ago and she didn't like the red. ^^; So she's going to get the blue version (which I might also make public, depending on whether or not she'll allow it).
But yeah, so here's a free-user public Roy layout:

It's IE and Mozilla friendly, although there's a horizontal sidebar in Mozilla. Resolution friendly from 800.600 on up. Note: it doesn't have a calendar link (^^; whoops, I knew a forgot something). So, um. Yeah.

Leave a comment with your e-mail address at my test journal or at this post and I'll send you the graphics, overrides and a quick lesson on how to use it.

No credit is necessary, just spreading the Roy-love, y0.

I'll probably be making a few free-user public FMA layouts, so watch out for them. :) (And maybe a paid account layout or two. Maybe.)

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