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icons? <3

It's not much, but since I had found awesome screenshots of Haga-ren, I did some icons! XD

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Advent Children:

Here's some reason behind the insanity (OR commentary on the icons because Hika's bored):

1. Wahhh.... Ed.... ;-;

2. Roy is GOD. An omnipotent smugsmugsmug GOD. X3

3. I was going around reading FMA fics when I found a Roy/Ed one with a buncha positive reviews. After reading the fic (which shall remain nameless), Hika discovered that most of Roy/Ed shippers make three very WRONG assumptions: 1)Ed acts maturely infront of Roy. 2)Roy needs sex. Hard. Fast. NOW. 3)Females don't exist.
Thus, this icon popped out... >.>;

4&5. No, I didn't make a mistake and post two of the same icons. The first line of text in 5 is actually transparent (if you put it on a colored background, you'll see). I couldn't decide which version I liked more so I smacked both up.

6. Takako! Totally awesome screenshot of Takako before crotch-stabbity! (the white blur on the left of the icon is actually her switch-knife! XD)

7. Killer J-rock Kiriyama makes an appearance too since this picture was too pretty to pass up! X3

8. And the announcer-girl's really (scary but) cute! <3

9. Mitsuko is pretty... I want to cosplaaaay... *_*

10. XDXDXD I couldn't pass up this one on Kawada. I've seen this quote a while ago, but can't remember where. Of course, the line is a variation of Roosevelt's international policy: "speak quietly but carry a big stick." Personally, the "mother-fucking shotgun" sounds much more threatening (not to mention significantly less phallic).

11. "SEPHY IS TEH HAWT!!1!!11!"

The usual rules apply to taking icons everywhere: credit "mhikaru" in the keywords, then use all you like! Simple, no? :3
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