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Howdy Ho!

Hey peoples I'm a complete utter hatchling here!
I'djust like to get this out and say i LOVE FMA. Love it. I havnt been this into an anime in such a long time. Its so refreshing.
Info on myself.. MY name is Erin and im 18.
MY fav character in FMA is Roy Mustang. I dont favor a couple tho.. Cause i like them all!
Roy/Riza Ed/Winry! I even like.. well.. lets say love the Roy/Ed pairning! WHO DOESNT? Hahaha. That whole Elricest thing bothersme tho..brothers kissing brothers.. err... I think ed and al have a brother love. And thats all. Im a big fanartperson so expect me to post some! ^___^
But i do have a request! For those who'd like to help me.. Im really into all kinds of doujinshi's and i hear this one about Roy and Ed is completely beautiful1! I think it's called Blue Flame? And I heard it has two sequals? I've only seen icons made from them and I've been lookin around. Ill draw a pic for some one if they wanna trade! Lol Nice meeting you all!
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