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10 February 2005 @ 08:59 pm
Howdy Ho!  
Hey peoples I'm a complete utter hatchling here!
I'djust like to get this out and say i LOVE FMA. Love it. I havnt been this into an anime in such a long time. Its so refreshing.
Info on myself.. MY name is Erin and im 18.
MY fav character in FMA is Roy Mustang. I dont favor a couple tho.. Cause i like them all!
Roy/Riza Ed/Winry! I even like.. well.. lets say love the Roy/Ed pairning! WHO DOESNT? Hahaha. That whole Elricest thing bothersme tho..brothers kissing brothers.. err... I think ed and al have a brother love. And thats all. Im a big fanartperson so expect me to post some! ^___^
But i do have a request! For those who'd like to help me.. Im really into all kinds of doujinshi's and i hear this one about Roy and Ed is completely beautiful1! I think it's called Blue Flame? And I heard it has two sequals? I've only seen icons made from them and I've been lookin around. Ill draw a pic for some one if they wanna trade! Lol Nice meeting you all!
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summerwolf on February 10th, 2005 06:14 pm (UTC)
Blue Flame, Deep Reverb and Sinful Contact.

The circle also has Traumerei, which is something of a VERY angsty Kyoudai stuff. Very beautiful too.
Mandymandymtt on February 10th, 2005 06:33 pm (UTC)
I've just finished reading Traumerei. It confused the hell out of me. Eventually i got it haha. And it was beautiful. I didnt know it was part of the the others. Because Roy's part seemed pretty normal.. . Although the flower thing was kind of yaoi. Do you know where i can find them?
devils_devotion on February 11th, 2005 11:52 am (UTC)
Er? I didn't know Sinful Contact was the sequel to those two... I read it first. XD Not like it matters.
Ruki: waitingruki_elric on February 10th, 2005 06:33 pm (UTC)
yeah Traumerei is something REALLY angsty if you want to cry
I still cry everytime I read that one ... *sobs*
Mandymandymtt on February 10th, 2005 06:36 pm (UTC)
yea it was really sad. I lost my brother about a year go so i had my tears going. I cant wait to finish the series even tho i know its gonna hit me real hard! hehe Im still less trhen half way through the anime and the manga isnt published yet. I cant live off spoilers forever!
Ruki: somedayruki_elric on February 10th, 2005 06:47 pm (UTC)
oh man! im really sorry about u_u but if you need everything here i will be =) btw fma is a really good serie that hit me hard too ... i think that is one of the masterpieces of the new millenium! *insert the twilight zone music*
Mandymandymtt on February 10th, 2005 06:52 pm (UTC)
hee hee hee! Its ok.. *glmop* glad i made a new friend! I really like the series so far too. Its so positive and different from the other animes. Im really looking foward to it. But when them tears come i'll come runnin back to you haha!!
patosan: Resistance is futilepatosan on February 11th, 2005 04:55 am (UTC)
Hey, there. Nice to meet you :D I'm 21, also a fan of RoyAi and RoyEd (why? I'll never know), I'm irked by Elricest, just like you, and I have the doujinshies you are talking about! I hear you've read Traumerei already, so you need Blue Flame and Sinful Contact, right? Okies, I uploaded them to yousendit.com and here they are:

Blue Flame

Sinful Contact

Let me know if the links worked. I don't have Deep Reverb so if you find it let me know.

Enjoy ^_^

Mandymandymtt on February 11th, 2005 05:36 pm (UTC)
holy effin crap! *glomps* you are my HERO!!!!!!!!!!

Lol glad at least some one agrees with me that brothers should just ....stay brothers! Can i offer you a fanart or somthing? if you'd like to check out my art you can look at Mandymtt.deviantart.com I'd like to think i have some scrap of talent! Get back to me and THANKS AGAIN. I hope we can be friendS!
patosanpatosan on February 12th, 2005 04:34 am (UTC)
Yes, brothers should stay family! You are very welcome!

I checked your stuff at devianart and it does indeed look very nice. A lil' RoyEd fanart would be nice :D, but not mandatory, hehehe.
Mandymandymtt on February 11th, 2005 06:09 pm (UTC)
I used to have Deep Reverb.. I can get it again if you'd like. Actualluy after finally reading all four of them i just have to say.. IM CONFUSED AS HELL... So.. roy really loves ed doesnt he. And Ed only did what he did so he could save al?
patosan: Wet - I mean... SWEET dreamspatosan on February 12th, 2005 04:35 am (UTC)
I don't know, I read them a while back. I do believe thart even though they come from the same ring they don't all go together as one story, so you need to find out which ones are meant to be read as one... but don't take my word for it. Doujinshies always confuse me :/
devils_devotion on February 11th, 2005 11:55 am (UTC)
All this stuff's on PossibleSoup.net, but their downloads were down the last time I checked. *shrug* Maybe they're back up; I haven't been there in a while.

To be honest, I think reading all of those doujins has scarred me for life. XD In a good way, of course.
thank you for letting me wear your underwear.vanillacat on February 12th, 2005 07:40 pm (UTC)
Smutty stuff, that is. *nods* But, you can't take doujin seriously. It's just a fan's view on the series, their imagination, etc. You know what I mean. Wouldn't it be great if someone made quality doujin on crack?

(Although you shouldn't really proclaim that everyone loves RoyxEd, because there are people who don't. But I don't want wank. ^^;;)