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10 February 2005 @ 09:10 am
OC-Definitely NOT a mary sue..  
OC in the works, Jean de Meung, not to be confused with Jean Havok. Images/bio are behind the cut.

(includes some story spoilers)

I'll be coming to add more detail into this bio after I get done with class. I don't have time right now but for a brief version

This character is NOT meant as a Mary sue. It will not happen. Just to let you guys know.

Jean, character sheet, age 10

Jean's family (her parents and younger brother) lived on the inside border of Ishbal when the Eastern Rebellion took place. Somehow or another, alchemists (probably renegade soldiers *ahem*kimbery*cough**cough*) raided the village and killed her parents. Left emotional scars on her, watching her father burn to death and her mother bleed to death from massive amounts of shattered glass, and a big nasty scar on her little brother's face. (not to be confused with Scar's. Nonono.) She started studying science, joined the military, blah blah. Her brother hates her, blah blah, something about it's her faulttheir mother died, blah blah. Anyway.

Jean, character sheet, age 20
(noting the bad hiragana. I know it's wrong. Don't remind me, please.)
She's....in the process of getting out of the military at age 20. Yay for her. More on that later.

I apologize for the lack of detail in this. As I said, this will be edited later for a full story

Jean de Meung (c) akat16
art (c) akat16

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Number One Spoon: noli me tangereherongale on February 10th, 2005 03:01 pm (UTC)
I'm going to make a suggestion that might, at first blush, seem kind of rude, but I hope that you see that it is meant very kindly.

Instead of telling us about the story you are going to write, why not wait until you've actually written it? Character bios are usually only fun to read if you know the character in the context of an actual story. Although the past of your OC might seem utterly fascinating to you, it is very meaningless to the rest of the world. You've got a girl, she has tragedy, and you want to probably use her sibling dynamic to show off something about the Elrics (at least, that's my honest-to-god guess).

Look. Your art is cute. Your ideas are not horrible. But most people are going to want to withhold judgment until they see something a bit more substantial from you before giving you the help and comments you probably are interested in. This is the kind of thing you show your friends; wait until you've done more before showing off your creation to strangers. Trust me; the practice of restraint is important to the production of great art.