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You should fight crime!


FMA dvd 1 came to stores yesterday. I've been saving for several months (and mum knows it) to buy the dvd. I get there. I pick up the dvd. But, just as I'm walking to checkout, I turn, and my eyes catch a glimpse of the box. The BOX. O_O I spent every penny I have to buy it. And that was with several certificates provided by my good friend who works there (who I'm, consequently, having to bribe for the gigantic FMA display stand). I'm so glad I have friends who work everywhere. It's tin and it came with the soundtrack. Which is very pretty. The box is big enough to hold the entire first season (four dvds). I'm such an addict >.< And I am now broke.

however! Hail to me (or give me cookies at least) for I have gotten yet another person addicted to FMA! Moo haha! maybe she'll be joining us >.> <.

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