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I gots a shiny~~! ^____^

Okay, since I'm sure that many of you have also just gotten ahold of your very own shiney new FMA DVD (and box), I figured, why not make a post for reaction/comments/critique/general obsession?

Personally, I think the whole box deal is excellent. The box itself is just pretty (and shiny), my only complaint is those dumb Adult Swim stickers stuck on it (might've been forgivable with just one, but nooo). But that's probably not really Funi's fault, and they can be pried off with a little effort.

When I pulled out the OST to take a look, my first reaction was seriously "O_O it's the same cover!" As in, as far as I can tell, it's almost exactly the same as the Japanese (unless someone who actually has it can correct me?) But it even has the original Japanese logo on it and all. Which was an extremely pleasent surprise- often OSTs end up being tweaked a bit when translated and released here.

As for the DVD, I already knew about the reversible cover, but it's still quite nice that Funi did that. Also much love for the transmutation circle disc. The booklet is nice, I'm assuming that it's the same as the "Alchemist to the Backbone" that I've heard about being with the original Japanese release? I haven't gotten around to watching the DVD itself yet, but I've heard that that too is quite satisfactory.

So.... what does everyone else think? ^_^

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