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Art, while I'm still thinking about it

Oh. Right.
Since I actually *haven't* posted any art to this community, here you go.

Too Lost
No spoilers. Bloody Ed with Al in the background.
One day, I'm totally going to redo this one. It was my first FMA art that I spent time on.

Elric Brothers in the tub
Non yaoi, unfortunately. ^^

Roy Mustang Neopet
XD Oh yeah!
My neopet edited to look like Roy. God I love that neopet. XD

Ed as a Kirby
God was I ever on laudanum when I came up with THIS idea. XD

Roy, Maes, Al, Ed
Uh...please to ignore the fact that the Ed looks retarded, okay?
This was my first time drawing Hughes. His hair is totally the wrong color, but I blame my lack of diversity in colored pencil options for that one.

Soon I'll have an Envy/Wrath, one of Hughes and Roy, and one of Breda, Fury, and Havoc. Go me.

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