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Needing Help

I hate to make this my first post, but . . .

I'm needing some help finding some resources for this research project I'm doing. See, in order to graduate from my school, we have to pick a research topic and come up with a paper. Mine is going to be comparing the literal Japanese translation to the dub's translation and seeing how accurate it is or isn't. So, I need to get transcripts of the dub and (if possible) the romanji of the original so that I can actually translate/compare. I'm trying to make a transcript set of the original, but seeing as how I just starting learning Japanese a few weeks ago . . . yeah, it's not going so good.

If anybody knows of any resources I could use, please comment! You'll get a nice credit wherever I can fit it in my logbook and research paper. Though I don't know if I can fit it in the paper itself. ;_;


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