Zrana (zrana) wrote in fm_alchemist,

My turn! Anime Central...

So... Who's going to anime Central and what/who are you planning to cosplay (if you're cosplaying)?

I'm going to be at Anime Central from the Thursday before hand, til some point on Sunday (not sure if I'll stay for closing ceremonies or not). Why? Cuz I managed to get on Registration staff. So many many many people won't have much choice is glimpsing an Ed working around that area. >.> Unless they make me work something in some back room hidden. ;_;

So, yes, I'm cosplay. I have my Ed cosplay, and I have an Envy cosplay. (And I have Nuriko form Fushigi Yuugi for Fri night, and maybe Sexy no Jutsu Chouji for a SnJ gathering, and maybe my Ino costume, both from Naruto, but with my various version of Ed I want to do, it's doubtful I'll brink the Naruto stuff.)

So.. who else?
There's teh Acen website.

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