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Ed/Winry Fic Challenge

I have a fic challenge for people  What I am looking for is an Ed/Winry lemon involving creative usage of Ed's transmuted arm/hand.   We all know just how much Winry enjoys automail in general, I think having Edward using his in a sexual way would push Winry's buttons like no tomorrow.

I, personally, am of the opinion that Ed is completely uninterested in sex during the series, so I'd see this as happening post-canon, but if you can manage it in-series, then have at it.   Bonus points if you can avoid it being porntastic, though I admit the subject matter makes it kind of tough. :-p  Double bonus points if you can really show that they care for each other and it's not just a sexual thing.  Bonus items are not necessary for the challenge, they're just my little kinks.  ^_^

I was only going to post this to my personal lj, as I feel odd going to comms and requesting things of people that don't know me, but ponderosa121 poked at me to do so, and as I am easily persuaded by her, here I am.  ^^;;

Crossposted to my personal lj,  fm_alchemist, fma_het, and ed_winry .


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