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The Alchemist

I wrote this for English. And read it in front of the class. I don't think anyone picked up what "The Alchemist" was making >___>

FMA-inspired, obviously. Sorry if there's anything inaccurate about it (then again, it doesn't really matter for English class because no one even knows what an alchemical array is...). If you do find some wrong information, though, feel free to tell me anyway ^___^

The Alchemist

He who knows the properties
of mercury, sulfur, and
salt and also studies both
mind and spirit can open
the Gate and move past time
and dimensions. There he spins
the epic poem of life with
the talent of his own hands.

He remakes the elements
within his perfect arrays:

Four points for each season, for
the cardinal directions,
the alchemical colors
(black, white, yellow, and blood red),
and the alchemical birds
(crow, swan, peacock, and phoenix).

Five points for the elements:
air, water, earth, fire, ether.

Two triangles together
form six, beginner’s array.

Next diagram has seven,
one for each alchemical metal,
for days of the week,
for planets and disciples.

Eight points make a Gnostic star
for creation and rebirth.

But today the Alchemist
will do something different.
Today he will make his musings
into his reality.

Carefully, he picks up his chalk
and draws out his array. Two
circles to bind, symbols
of heaven and of the earth.
White lines converge and become
an intricate design. Done.

The Alchemist gets up and
examines his work before
placing the ingredients
at the array’s center point.

Nothing comes from nothing, this
he knows. To create, one must
give- such is the nature of
the Trade of Equivalence.

Water: thirty-five liters.
Ammonia: four liters.
Calcium: one and a half
kilograms. Carbohydrates:
forty kilograms. Three grams
of silicon, eight hundred
grams of adenosine, one
hundred grams of nitrogen.
Salt: two hundred fifty grams.
Some miscellaneous trace
metals and such: twenty grams.

The Alchemist frowns- there is
something missing from his list.
Brows furrowed, he remembers
and gently pricks his finger.

Two drops of blood for a soul.

He steps back, his face glowing
with anticipation as
he lays his hands onto the
array, opening the Gate
that is in the circle and
that is within his own heart.

The transmutation begins.

A whirlwind of light gathers
from the center and rises.
The Alchemist smiles, all is
well. But then the ambiance
of the energy changes.
Startled, he cannot close the
Gate. Chaos and confusion
ensues; something rips at his
body, he screams and cries out.

There is no one who can save
him, he flails as shadows from
the Gate gnaw at his flesh and
take from him a limb. For a
fleeting moment he glimpses
his creation, realizing
failure when his eyes find the
hollow, demonic sockets
of the undead. There is no
human there. The Alchemist’s
pupils dilate- no longer
can he hold back his horror
and his body convulses
as his voice pierces the night.

A rotting heap of a corpse
within his array next morn
will remind the Alchemist
that nothing can be traded
in equivalence for a

Note: I had to use "Trade of Equivalence" instead of "Principle of Equivalent Trade" because I couldn't get the number of syllables right =P (there's 7 syllables per line)

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