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[Art] Envy sketches. With color scribbled in.

[insert default introduction]

I was bored in class, had a piece of paper, and started doodling. It's a whole page of Envy sketches all squished together...because it's Envy and such.

Everybody loves Envy, right? [wibbles]


( Click cause it's Envy! And then click the image to full-view it. Which is highly recommended. )

Since Envy isn't a black and white character, I decided to give him some color. And since...I don't really like cging and other excuses that you don't need or want to hear...I just scribbled in the color. I couldn't remember the color of his eyes, though, although there are dull purple eyes floating around in my memory.

And...yeah...My Envy is way too effeminate. [grumblegrumble]

Criticism is appreciated. I can't draw anatomy. in mind that these are little doodles..?

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