Dragon Scholar (dragonscholar) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Dragon Scholar

Alchemist Names List - a call for artists who feel exceptionally weird

Well in this thread people used the Alchemist Title Generator to produce both serious and silly names for themsleves.

There was some talk of doing art for these names, and so I present this list to tickle the muse of artists, to inspire, to lead people to greater vistas of creativity . . .or to just get people to draw insane crack.

some_kat the Reaction Alchemist
akiha the Pornographic Baseball Alchemist!
wolfbrotherjas the Sinus Fire Alchemist and Astral Animal Alchemist!
anax the Temporal Barrier Alchemist!
annamoo the Crotch Alchemist!
ava_blaire the Rasberry Mail Alchemist and Rock Alchemist!
bby the Constipated Garden Alchemist!
blackkittikat the Phantom Caffene Alchemist and the Hunter Alchemist
chexmixx is the Dragon Alchemist.
coldwriter the Mouthwash Alchemist and Bloody Shift Alchemist!
tatooine the Bra Alchemist!
demon_child583 is the Angelic Icicle Alchemist!
des_akazim the Harmonious Hankerchief Alchemist!
dragonscholar the Sniper Mitten Alchemist and Heavenly Silver Alchemist!
ensuing the Beastly Edge Alchemist!
fullmetalkatu the Boytoy Alchemist and Iron Angel Alchemist!
gundamnook is the Toejam Alchemist and the Jade Alchemist!
jeva_chan is the Algebraic Wood Alchemist and the Talisman Alchemist!
jiah the Earth Crotch Alchemist and Jade Wheel Alchemist!
kalikamaxwell the Poison Fang Alchemist and Silly Bargain-Basement Alchemist
kamaitachi the Firey Blood Alchemist!
__kat__ is the Poser Alchemist and the Spirit Alchemist
kecen can't decide between Changing Diarrhea Necromancer, Janitorial Metal Necromancer and Pencil Necromancer
lanerose the Exorcist Alchemist and Chocolate Alchemist!
lukita is the Stripper Alchemist and the Oblivion Alchemist!
metallic_sweet the Wolf Alchemist and Fertilizer Nurse Alchemist!
meteorspark the Silly Voice Alchemist
moumusu the Sparkling Potato Alchemist and Gemstone Maid Alchemist!
neko_no_baka the Shadow Gem Alchemist!
nzmongoose the Janitorial Thong Alchemist and Blood Alchemist!
ravenbell is the Bargain Basement Volcano Alchemist!
care the Cotton Candy Motor Alchemist and Shadow Alchemist
sailormac the Spork Alchemist and Iron Alchemist!
saya_aensland is the Botanical Nymphomania Alchemist!
than is the Laundryman Alchemist and Cleaving Shadow Alchemist!
shijodori the Paperclip Alchemist!
sundaire the Fangirl Saliva Alchemist and Hot Desire Alchemist
sugarcane_moon the Low-Carb Alchemist!
tiara_fora_halo the Murdering Soul Alchemist and Matchmaker Alchemist and Princess Dishwasher Alchemist!
treesock the Stripper Revelation Alchemist and Caress Alchemist!
tsukitaichou is the Motorized Prettyboy Alchemist and the Infectious Miracle Alchemist!
zodiacstargazer the Pinnacle Spanker Alchemist and Devil Alchemist!

Until then I remain . . .
Sniper Mitten Alchemist/Heavenly Silver Alchemist

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