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Art Contest

While most of you who go into the FMA_Dub chatroom on AIM every Saturday have already added Travis (Roy's VA for you newbies), and probably know about the art contest, I just wanted to be sure that everybody knows. I should have done this a week ago to give the new contestants as much time as the others. I apologize.

Anyway, I have completely covered all of the rules for any who missed it in my journal entry. Please click that link if you wish to know. A couple new rules have been added, and others have been adjusted.

Please go there even if you've already looked.

And yes, I made a new LJ, specifically for this community and whatnot. If you want to know why, visit the User-Info. Feel free to spam me with questions there, since that's what the whole bloody thing is for. If you add me there, I will add you back.

X-Posted to fm_alchemist, miniskirt_army, and roys_harem.

--Sir Riza--
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