Dragon Scholar (dragonscholar) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Dragon Scholar

Can Crack and Non-Crack Exist together? YES I SAY!

Well, now that I'm providing crack for this twisted little community, (Thanks sailormac), I decided to do something both serious AND crack at the same time!

I run a site called Seventh Sanctum that provides a number of random generators for inspiration and amusement. Having seen how popular FMA is, seen the fanfic, I decided to create:

The Full Metal Alchemist Title Generator - To generate titles and ideas for other alchemists beyond our beloved boys in blue (er, and one in red).

But wait, that's not all! Because there's always a need for more brain-damaging humor here, it has two options: Serious and Silly. So you can create realistic names, or hideously bizarre ones. Some examples:

Serious: Bewitching Claw Alchemist, Blazing Whirlpool Alchemist, Cold Alchemist, Comet Alchemist, Fox Alchemist, Gemstone Alchemist, Landslide Alchemist, Prismatic Fusion Alchemist, Rock Alchemist, Shadow Alchemist

Silly: Accountant Delerium Alchemist, Champaigne Alchemist, Fanboy Corruption Alchemist, Low-Carb Alchemist, Necromantic Boyband Alchemist, Peaceful Costumer Alchemist, Poodle Alchemist, Raver Pasta Alchemist, Restoring Nerd Alchemist, Sniper Mitten Alchemist

So yes, if there's EVER a danger of a crack shortage, perhaps this can help.

And I will now be called "Sniper Mitten Alchemist." Thank you.

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