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Now that I've beaten Fullmetal Alchemist and the Broken Angel, here's my review. ^_^

Storyline: As random and irrelevent as it seemed, I actually liked the storyline. Though, it seemed a bit similar to the beginning of the series, you know? Armony kind of had a mild version of the 'Nina Effect' on Ed, and the whole chimera thing... or maybe I'm just over-thinking things. Didn't expect Armony to be Selene, though.

Also, did Al seem a bit too much like a smartass? xD;

Gameplay: I actually kinda liked the gameplay, except for the fact that the enemies kept getting stuck running in place, and Al didn't do much. I liked using alchemy in battle, however the idea is really underdeveloped and Square-Enix could have done a lot more with it. Of course, not like I rely on Square-Enix to put enough effort into such things. XP

Music: The music wasn't all that great, though there were a few tracks I liked. Nothing I'd cough up the money to BUY, though. What I would've liked is music similar to Kingdom Hearts.

Dubbing: Still great. Aaron Dismuke still r0x0rz. :D Roy's giggle was the best. thing. ever. And now I can never take Roy seriously, because now every time I think of time I think of doggies, miniskirts, and giggling.

Graphics: "Complete mess" would probably be an overstatement, but they aren't exactly spectacular, either. Better than Final Fantasy VII's blocky characters, but not as nice as Xenosaga's pretty, pretty graphics. The anime cutscenes make up for it, though. ^_^

Overall, I think I'd give it a 6 out of 10. I knew it would disappoint me, though, which is why I rented it instead of bought it. Though, it was kind of like .hack. No matter how awesome the story was, the music, gameplay, and graphics weren't all too great. *shrug*

This game is for hardcore FMA fans only. Upon playing, non-FMA fans are entitled to a nice big "WTF?"

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