Kaine (keshite) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Puppets!! ^-^;;

Hello people! >________< I've been lurking this thread and I thought it would be a good time to post....

Hehheheheheheh... There IS a point to this post! xD

First off, since some time in october or so.... I, Kei, and my dear old(Yes... Old. XD j/k) friend everlasting_syn, Casey, have made puppets. :D They were for this language class thing in school. :3 So we present to you... our puppets!!

Starting from the first two... Winry and Edo. Edo by Casey, Winry by Me. Even if it may look like it.... Winry is NOT on drugs. :D

Next.................... Riza and Matsuta!!!!! (Matsuta is copyrighted by.... hime1999!! ^-^) Riza by Casey, Matsuta by me. (Does anyone else notice that mine look like cwap compared to Casey's? xD)

Next was in the time of christmas... How would christmas be goot if... MOOFY AND ENVY WEREN'T HIJACKING IT?!! >______< Yay!! Moofy by me, Envy by Casey.

Our last thing was the French part of the language class, so only Katherine and Havoc seemed to fit the part. :D Katerine by me, Havoc by Casey!

Yup... That was it! Actually we had another huge game thing we made for the Japanese unit with the FMA characters on it.... We'll try to get a picture of it if we can snatch it from our teacher. xD We also have some other things we did for our advertising of FMA (which is... working? xD)..... but our friend is taking forever with the photos to be developed(we did most of the junk in October-Dec... xD) . xP We'll get that in soon.

Hope you people liked it!! :D Coooooommmmmmmmmmeeeeennnnnnnnnttttttttttttttttttttttttt~~


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