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30 January 2005 @ 06:17 pm
Question about the different Alchemy Seals  
I was looking at Fullmetal Alchemist clothing and I came across this: http://lalabitmarket.channel.or.jp/img/300_400_goods/fashion/100060.jpg

I tried to copy and paste the picture in pain to get a better picture of thes seals, but alas I cannot get a clear version.

So what Im asking for is: Does anybody know what these different seals do? And if you have any pictures of them, id love to see some.
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ACacdragonmaster on January 30th, 2005 03:36 pm (UTC)
Well, here's the ones I recognize, clockwise, starting from the first one after the blank circle at the top- Al's array, don't know (generic one?), don't know, don't know, to ressurect a human (I think), from Mustang's gloves, Ed's array (I think >_>)

...it's much harder to recognize them when they're so small, heh.
Sarah: hagane nogundamnook on January 30th, 2005 03:56 pm (UTC)
I believe the bottom one is Lyra's circle from Episode 8.
(Anonymous) on January 30th, 2005 04:19 pm (UTC)
I know what they mean!
Sorry I must be anonymous, but nto a registered member yrt. Since the pics of teh circles are blurry, I'll just list the transmutation circles it names in the book adn a little of what they do.

There is the human transmutation circlr (you see it in episode 3when they try to bring their mom back.), the advanced technology circle (Al uses is sometomes, multipurpous), the raising teh dead circel (Majhal uses it in episode 4 with the Karin puppets, what it does should be obvious), the airborne circel (a man uses it to make a paper blimo when Ed takes the alchemy exam), teh creating flame circel (on Mustang's glove,uh...makes fire), the transforming palnts circle (Fletcher uses it in episode...12 I think, to make the trees suck up the red water, the binding the soul circle (Ed wrote it in blood on Als armor when he brought him back, binds sould to objects), and lastly, the so called bad-ass circle, that Ed used before he could do alchemy without a circle, also multi-purpous. I know all these are probably not teh "correct" terms, but i hope they help. :)
Ada: fma - immature // psychodragon82adalove on January 30th, 2005 05:44 pm (UTC)
Re: I know what they mean!
I can say for certain you're wrong on at least 2. Fletcher's circle and the blood seal on Al's armor don't appear anywhere on that.
Jubeijubeichan on January 30th, 2005 04:31 pm (UTC)
Get the latest Issue of Animerica they have all the circles shown I'm pretty sure.
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Somebody call for an exterminator?zerorevenge on January 31st, 2005 07:45 am (UTC)
Holy Crap, thank you SOOO Much for the site!
(Anonymous) on February 3rd, 2005 01:30 pm (UTC)
Fullmetal Alchemist Info (http://www.fullmetalalchemist.info/alchemy.html) has images of every transmutation circle seen clearly in the entire series. In addition, some of the ones on that shirt are not in the series.