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A short fic "Rematch" & a photoedit of doom!

Mikkeneko over at fm_100 has written a short fic called "Rematch." I was so inspired by his/her fic that I made a photoedit! :D

Posted with Mikkeneko's permission:
Rematch (challenge: Kill)
Title: Rematch
Author's notes: Sort of a companion piece to one of my older fics, A Moment's Hesitation. Warning: death (duh,) episode 13 spoilers.
Word count: 100

Maybe it was a game to Mustang, Ed thought, as the small figure in red dived at the one in blue. But not to him.

It was all he could do to duck and weave, dive under his opponent's deadly blows and stay on his feet, until finally -- There! An opening -- he went for it furiously, without hesitation.

The look on Roy's face was almost funny as he connected, with a resounding crack. The figure in blue slumped, head lolling on his neck --

"THERE!" Ed leapt up from the gaming table, hand outstretched. "SEE THAT, BASTARD? I WIN!"

Roy sighed.


And here is the photoedit:
Image Hosted by

Here is the original post:

Origins of the original photo:

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