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Merchandise at Waldenbooks

I know this was mentioned once before--someone here found FMA collectors cards at Waldenbooks (a sub-branch of Borders, located in the local mall for me). Well, my local Waldens didn't have it at the time that person mentioned it, but they have them now!

And I've bought 7 packs (at $3 a piece T_T at least I have a 10% off card for Waldens...) since yesterday. (Hey, I got paid today, I figured I could spend a little--more--of my paycheck on myself! =D *3 packs yesterday, 4 today*) Ack, I'm rambling.

Anyways, the are $3US a pack, and there's only 3 cards in a pack. They're about the size of standard index cards.

And I scanned a couple of the cards, and the outer picture.

Heh, I warded off the chant of "needs more Hughes" cuz I knew it would be coming...

Lookie! I got one of the foil cards! (SP.08 is the number on it)

I have Cards # 1 (Ed), 2(Ed), 5(Ed--Psiren Ep methinks), 6(Ed), 8(Ed), 9(Ed), 17(little kid Ed and Al holding up transmutated figurines), 18 (Ed Al on train), 20(Ed Al intro selves in ep 11), 21(Roy), 27(Roy--pre Riza tripping him cuz of rain scene), 28(Roy), 32(Hughes! back of card in picture), 34 (Winry starry eyed holding Ed's watch), 36(Scar).

(I've two extras of #5, and one extra each of 17, 27, and 36.)

Methinks these cards would make good autograph fodder...

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