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FMA meets Celebrity DeathMatch meets Tag Team Battle!

If you have no idea who the following people are, DO NOT click the LJcut below!
Riza, Winry, Katherine, Lyla, Lust, Sloth, THAT PERSON, etc…
Actually, if you haven’t finished watching HagaRen, just don’t click. ^_^;;

On to the Crack!!

First, the pic that spawned it. My wannabe-couturier pic-bunny had a field day with the girls! O_o;;

Image Hosted by

It was just supposed to be a simple blondes vs. brunettes…
Then, while CGing…this idea came to me…CHARACTER STATS!

Katherine E. Armstrong Strong but slow, has to be coaxed into action (Coaxing ally loses a turn)
Fling piano = High damage to All enemies [Does not work on Lust (countered) or Edward (target too small)]
Cast Sparkle = All enemies blinded (unless of the Armstrong clan).
Summon Armstrong = Sudden Death. [Difficult to coax]

Riza Hawkeye: Long range fighter.
Rifle shot = High accuracy, single enemy, high damage, slow, limited ammo
Handgun = High accuracy, single enemy, medium damage, fast.
Cast Terror = Strikes terror into hearts of allies/enemies. Ally Speed INC/Enemy Speed DEC
Summon Black Hayate = Gains use of Black Hayate
Summon Colonel = Gains use of Roy for random time period (till Colonel escapes)
Sacrifice Backup = Can be used four times (Havoc, Farman, Fury, Breda). Random success.

Winry : Average All-Rounder
Fling wrench = High accuracy, single enemy, high damage (particularly effective against Edward).
Screwdriver Stab = Single enemy, Medium damage.
Taunt = Lowers Enemy concentration, Increases Ally morale.
Summon Den = Gains use of Den.
Summon Brothers = Gains use of Elric Brothers for three turns.

Lyla : Useless…
Phys: -- None.
Explosion = Alchemical explosion. Multiple enemies, medium damage, slow (As seen on TV! :p)

Near death (if not killed instantly) Lyla morphs into Dante.

Dante : Wah. A somewhat “cheat” character…
Phys: -- None.
Cast Bitch = Dante bitches at everyone. Enemy concentration DEC, Ally concentration INC.
Cast Restraint = All enemies restrained for two turns.
Cast Reduce = Reduces homunculus to base sin.
Cast Control = Controls chosen Sin.
And other random varied alchemical cheats…. XD
Cast Disgust = Dante flashes decomposing chest at enemies. Severely decreases Enemy morale.
Cast Gate = Uses Array-on-Baby to open Gate. Single enemy transported to “other world”. VERY slow casting.
Summon Sins = Gains use of chosen Sin as long as Control is cast.

Sloth : Medium damage attacks. High defense. Near perfect evasion. Regenerating.
Whip = Liquid arm whips enemy. Single enemy. Medium damage.
Restrain = Liquid arms restrain single enemy. Both Sloth and target immobilised.
Drown = Sloth encases enemy in bubble of liquid. Enemy loses consciousness if held for three turns.
Spell: -- None
Attract Wrath (does not need to be cast; this is a fundamental property)
= Gains use of Wrath for duration of battle. Might be disastrous should Wrath get silly merging ideas.
Invoke Maternal Instincts = Useful against Elric Brothers. Severely decreases Concentration. Increases Wrath’s morale.

Lust : High accuracy/ high damage attacks. Regenerating.
Stab = Stabs single enemy with claw. High accuracy. High damage.
Shred = Lust stabs single/multiple target with all claws. High accuracy. High damage. Defense against “Fling Piano.”
Spell: -- None

Attract Gluttony (does not need to be cast; this is a fundamental property)
= Gains use of Gluttony for duration of battle. Might be disastrous should Dante cast Reduce.
Invoke Sex Appeal = Useful against males. And some females… Lowers Concentration.

^_^;; I got carried away. Too lazy to write the other characters. Eh, original (much larger) pic here if anyone wants a closer look. Feel free to add more moves! XD


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